Using A CARDBOARD Mouse For Bedwars

Using A CARDBOARD Mouse For Bedwars

I Made A REAL Cardboard Gaming Mouse For Minecraft!

As you know, all mice are made of plastic. But I I created a $0.01, cheap, free, gaming mouse entirelyout of Cardboard from scratch which is cheaper than plastic. This cheap Cardboard mouse was able to butterfly click 20 CPS, and jitter click over 25 CPS.

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(Texture pack is made by Pufed)
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This video is a huge inspiration from my last videos, including Using A Cheap Knock Off Mice, Using A Glass Mouse, Using A Wooden Mouse, Fake Bloody A70, Fake Glorious Model O and more!

If you’ve seen my last videos, I love to find unique and weird gaming mice which are fun to play minecraft bedwars with. In this video, I happen to build a MOUSE that is made out of Cardboard. It’s a free, $0, cheap gaming mouse which out competes a $200 logitech g pro x superlight gaming mouse and even the bloody A70! I wanted to see if having a budget gaming mouse would bring me to a disadvantage against an expensive gaming mouse.

That being said, my friend Helix, who is known for modding many mice such as the Worlds Heaviest Gaming Mouse made out of Solid Steel. Not only that but he’s also modded many keyboards and holds record for the fastest drag click on a spacebar (100 CPS Drag Clicking Keyboard v2w/ Trycs). He made the best godbridging mouse for Bedlessnoob for Minecraft (Which was the model x bedless). Helix guided me of the cardboard mouse! (theoretically it’s possible to drag click click with this mouse, because can click faster than mice like Razer Deathadder V2, Logitech G Pro Superlight, Pulsefire Haste, Bloody A70, Bloody A Bedless, Bloody A60, Logitech G602 Hero, Glorious Model O Wireless, Glorious Model D, Glorious Model I. The Debounce time of my cardboard mouse is very low, therefore I could drag click well.)

I made a base, shell, and switches out of cardboard for this mouse and more specifically replaced the amron switches in the gaming mouse with jumbo switches. I also replaced the motherboard/sensor with the Marvo Gaming Mouse I used last video (Using A Glass Mouse For Bedwars.) Everything was glued with hotglue and was wired with sauter (Hot 100 degrees melting similar to how Heli3x made the metal mouse). Unlike other cardboard gaming mice that look like boxes, mine looked like an actual mouse!

After creating the mouse, I talked more about the cps, the quality, the price, the clicking methods, bridging. It is possible to Godbridge, moonwalk and breezily bridge with my custom cardboard gaming mouse. This mouse was ALSO amazing for PvP! The size of this mouse was huge and it was very light since it was made of cardboard.

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Keyboard – Roccat Tulcan
Mouse Pad – Roccat XL Mouse Pad
Microphone – Hyper X Quadcast
Computer – ABS PC
Monitor – 240hz Monitor (Samsung)
Headset – Syn Pro Air
Mouse – G Pro X Superlight

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Editing Software – Premiere Pro
Recording Software – Nvidia Shadow Play

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