Tower of Fantasy | Android Gameplay | Xiaomi 13T Pro 12/512 Dimensity 9200+ | Max Settings

Tower of Fantasy | Android Gameplay | Xiaomi 13T Pro 12/512 Dimensity 9200+ | Max Settings

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Tower of Fantasy
About this game
Join 20M+ players worldwide to embark on a fantasy adventure together!

Humans migrated to a foreign planet called Aida due to resource depletion on Earth in the distant future. They discovered the powerful energy Omnium in the comet Mara and built the Omnium Tower to capture it.

However, Omnium radiation caused catastrophic damage to Aida, leading to the emergence of two opposing human factions: the Hegard, who advocate for using Omnium with a Suppressor, and the Heirs of Aida, who oppose it and hide in high-risk areas.

You will adventure through the anime-inspired post-apocalyptic sci-fi world and fight alongside companions to uncover the secrets hiding at the summit of the planet. Along the way, be prepared to navigate the conflict of two groups and be ready for thrilling battles and exciting open-world exploration.


■ Adventure of Absolute Freedom in an Immersive Open-World
Experience a vast alien world full of beautiful open vistas and imposing futuristic structures. Whether it’s climbing by hand, gliding with technology, or riding a vehicle, every corner hides a brand-new view. Every ruin has its own stories of wind and frost. In the eyes of every adventurer, a different world will be seen.

■ Breaking Free from Occupational Shackles and Reimagine Combats
Whether you want to be at the forefront of the team or a reliable backup, it all depends on the weapon in your hand. “Phantasia,” which triggers instantly when a critical moment arises, can stop powerful enemies and turn the tide of the battle. Engage in epic battles against enemies of all shapes and sizes with their own weaknesses as you switch weapons and gameplay strategies on the fly to unlock your own personal fighting style.

■ Reborn in a New World and Create Your Own Style
Before embarking on an adventure on the planet Aida, reshape your appearance first! With furry animal ears and different colored pupils, it’s like your genes have been re-ordered. And this time, you will receive a perfect rebirth. Freestyle cyberpunk accessories allow you to stand out in the scenery of adventure.

■ A Journey with Friends to Grow and Explore Together
Team up with friends to enjoy the PvP content and conquer challenging instances together to garner an abundance of rewards!


※ New Map | Cloudpeak Manor
Even though it has gone downhill, it’s hard to ignore its former prosperity. Tremendous crises are lurking behind the rampant Darkness. The new area Cloudpeak Manor is officially available today with the new world boss Black Crow Dark Wretch, new enemies, and new exploration content!

※ New Simulacra | Ming Jing
The first weapon with physical and flame stats in Tower of Fantasy and Ming Jing, a new Simulacrum, has been released. Shirli and Ming Jing are going to meet each other under the full moon of the summer night. Will Ming Jing recover the memories of Zeke?

※ New Instance | The Crew Instances “Fog Reconstruction”
Wanderers will venture into the mysterious misty land to carry out challenges to increase their individual level inside the instance while getting items to enhance their combat abilities. Meanwhile, they need to work closely with their teammates to take on the challenges of various guards, relishing the fun and the sense of achievement!

To learn more about Tower of Fantasy, go to or check out our other official channels:

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