Nether’s Most Feared Warrior Leads Massive Army to the Overworld!

Nether's Most Feared Warrior Leads Massive Army to the Overworld!

Arrzee teams up with warriors from The Nether to investigate suspicious activity at one of the Sculk Monarch’s Ancient Cities.

This is the 31st episode of the Favored SMP!


The Favored SMP is a survival multiplayer modded Minecraft server. Unlike a normal survival world, players who join the server are thrown into a complex and constantly evolving storyline revolving around a being known as The Entity and his followers “The Favored”.

The storyline of the Favored SMP is loosely scripted by McEntity, but unlike other SMPs, players are entirely unaware of the story. Because of this, the gameplay and decisions made by the players on the server is entirely real with no one knowing what will come next.

The Entity, also known as McEntity, is a player my friends and I encountered many years ago on an old server of ours.

For the first time, we’re living on The Entity’s land rather than our own and for some reason he has strict rules that we must abide by. Follow us on this journey through The Realm of the Entity as nations are build, battles are fought and The Entity’s true intentions are revealed.

30 QOL Mods For Rimworld!

30 QOL Mods For Rimworld!

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