Minecraft’s Best Update – Minecraft 1.5 Guide

Minecraft's Best Update - Minecraft 1.5 Guide

Good Morning,
This is everything you need to know about Minecraft 1.5
This is the 9th episode in a series where we play through all the versions of Minecraft.
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hopper minecart Dupe by DiehlGames:

0:00 Introduction
0:10 Changes in Minecraft 1.5
0:35 Redstone Items in Minecraft 1.5
1:35 Redstone Series promotion
1:48 Subscribe to Eclipsing
1:58 Other Minecraft 1.5 items
2:27 Mob changes Minecraft 1.5
2:47 Glitches/Duping Minecraft 1.5
3:25 World1 Lets Play Episode 9 – Java 1.5
4:37 Updating to Minecraft 1.6

Hope you enjoy.