Minecraft Survival – Finishing our Beautiful Park

Minecraft Survival - Finishing our Beautiful Park

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Episode 149

This is our Serene Survival Playlist, where we play simple minecraft survival mode backed by wonderful music. Make sure to hop on the playlist to enjoy the full series and if you’re not up for the gameplay, check out our Serene Sundays where we compile all the music from a week’s worth of the series in to one big video!

Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
1:00 Custom Tree build
2:25 Finishing the Dog Park
3:21 Gathering Resources
5:47 Starting the Gazebo Build
11:05 Picnic Build
11:41 Outro + Builds

Music by C418
Support Artist:

Full Playlist:

Complementary Shaders

Dynamic Surroundings

Sit Mod

Bobby Mod

Replay Mod

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