Minecraft: 20+ Hotel Build Hacks!

Minecraft: 20+ Hotel Build Hacks!

The 20 BEST Hotel Build Hacks for every Minecraft World. Build a working Elevator, a Water Park and more cool things. Build an entire Hotel with the simple Summer Build Hacks in this video!

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Minecraft: 15+ Summer Build Hacks. But this time I use them to build a Hotel! It’s not a Secret Base or the Safest Base. It’s a Minecraft House. Invite all your Friends!
Building with Redstone in Minecraft is fun. All kind of Farms, Tricks and many more cool things! In this video I will use Redstone. I love to build these Ideas with my friends or prank my friends on a Minecraft Server. It is always funny and we laugh a lot! Enjoy The Video. πŸ™‚
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Minecraft: 10+ Simple Redstone Builds!
This Video is the same style like the Minecraft: 10+ Military Builds Hacks and also the Among Us and Fortnite video I am planning to upload!

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Music in this Video:
1. Fredji – Happy Life
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3. Fredji – Flying High
4. Fredji – Welcome Sunshine
5. Fredji & Tobsky – Flow
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