I Spent 100 Hours on MCC Island… Here's Everything I know…

I Spent 100 Hours on MCC Island... Here's Everything I know...

I spent over 100 hours playing on MCC Island since its release and I know WAY too much… In fact, there’s so many secrets and hidden vendors on the island that I feel like that should be a separate video on its own.

For THIS video, I share all the fun stuff I’ve learned as I’ve been playing on MCC Island, and I feel like as an MCC Participant, I have some insider info on how it compares to the real thing! 😀

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• Filmed and Edited by: ME 🙂

In this Minecraft video I played 100 HOURS of Minecraft MCC Island. This is similar to my 100 days series such that I spent a long time just constantly playing and logging hours to the game to learn as much as I could about each minigame, the daily quests, and the cosmetics. Now, I feel like I have some good fun knowledge about it, but I am slightly gatekeeping some of it from you guys!

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