Lets do an overview, some research, some review, and in this episode we are going to discuss how these Minecraft 1.20 Features will Change things forever!! From whats going on with the new Trails and Tails Ruins over the last few weeks to What is a Sherd or a Sheaf, to Banner Trims on Shields in Bedrock, we have a lot of neat stuff that has been recently Announced for Minecraft 1.20 that is being released in Java Snapshots and Bedrock Previews recently and hopefully over the coming weeks.

By the end of today’s episode you will know more about all the cool things being added to Minecraft 1.20 and how these will change Minecraft forever! We have an lot to cover today, so…lets do this!

This is Part One of a Two Part Video Series about recent Minecraft updates for 1.20.

//Episode Overview
β—‹ Minecraft Shards….Sherds?
β—‹ Tell Me About the new Trail Ruins Please πŸ™‚
β—‹ Banner Shields…Finally!

Chapters // Video

Start: 00:00

Introduction 00:05
Trail Ruins 00:48
Loot!!! 02:00
Sherds 02:38
Sheaf 03:17
Shields 04:00
Sniffer Eggs 04:45
Conclusion 05:30

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This is our Minecraft News, Recaps, and Reviews Series Season One. We are doing any Preview, News, Snapshot, Release information about all things Vanilla Minecraft. The idea of these episodes is keep the community up to date on exciting things occurring in Minecraft recently.

β—‹ Minecraft Bedrock Seed | -1587399641 (Main Survival World) (Various Not Listed For Screen Shots Though/B-Roll)


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