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Harmony Mod (1.16.5) – Much More Mod Compat

Harmony Mod (1.16.5) Much More Mod Compat

Harmony Mod (1.16.5) is heavily inspired by Decorative Blocks modded compat and aims to add much more intermod compatability.


Decorative Blocks:

Beams, Supports, Seats, and Palisades for

  • Wisteria (Environmental)
  • Glowshroom (Enhanced Mushrooms)
  • Grimwood (Atmospheric)
  • Aspen (Atmospheric)
  • Kousa (Atmospheric)
  • Bamboo (Bamboo Blocks)

Big chains:

  • Gold (Charm)
  • Ice (Environmental)

Infernal Expansion:

  • Glowlight Brazier
  • Glowlight Chandelier


Courtesy of HellionGames

  • Glowlight Jack o’Lantern
  • Large Glowlight Jack o’Lantern


Minecraft Forge

How to install:

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