FINDING OUR NEW HOME! | Road To A Drug Lord – S1E1 | Minecraft Factions | MCDrugs

FINDING OUR NEW HOME! | Road To A Drug Lord - S1E1 | Minecraft Factions | MCDrugs

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[QnA] What is a Minecraft Factions Server?
– A Minecraft Faction Server is a type of multiplayer game mode where the goal is to fight, kill and raid other players. Raiding is where you find another players base, break into their base via mining, glitching or blowing up part of their base to get into it so you can then kill said player if they’re online so in the end, you can steal all their items and take what OP or non OP items back to your home base to use for yourself or let your other faction members use. The overall goal of Factions is be the richest, most powerful, OP faction on the server you’re playing on. Most faction servers rate what faction is the most powerful by what they’re worth or their power level.

How do you get a higher Faction worth?
– To increase your Faction worth you can do multiple things depending on the server you’re on. One way is to deposit money into your Faction bank/balance. This is one of the main ways to have worth, another way is to place down mob spawners inside of your Factions claims. Mob spawners are spawners inside of Minecraft that spawn the creatures/mobs you find across Minecraft ranging from hostile mobs like Skeletons & Zombies all the way to passive mobs like Pigs & Sheep. There is also power level where the more power you have which is increased by having more Faction members or some servers have it so you can level up certain aspects of your Faction and personal player by mining, harvesting, fighting, building etc. which you can personally increase by doing said actions which in turn will increase your total Power Level in your Faction.



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